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  • Sunday, 1 September 2013

    Why do Defects Occur in an application

    Defects or Bugs

    Almost all the applications will be having defects and it depends on the Code quality on how much the Defects are rectified. Mainly there are different scenarios on how the Defects occur like for eg. the requirements given which might not be appropriate to the Developer to write the code and makes some mistakes this might cause defects to produce. Any Unknown requirements which is difficult to understand might produce defects.

     A programmer might make a mistake in his code which produce errors in the application where the defects occur forthwith or also called a Bug in Testing Terms. So if this defect is executed there might be huge effect on the application. Hence  causing a system failure or application also to crash. Not all defects will be so critical unless the what type of Bug it is.

    Also there might be scenario of where the application has to be used and in what environment it has to loaded and executed. Even a small failure might cause a huge loss to the application and client.

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