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  • Wednesday, 4 September 2013

    Different Types of Testing

    Different Types of Testing done: 
     1. Functional testing: 
        This type of Testing is main core of Testing where each and every functionalities are been Tested. For   every code or activity done on the module contains functionality where it has to produce positive result. So for stable application without Bugs Functional Testing is most important part of Testing.
    2. Smoke or Sanity Testing:
      The names are different but the actual concept is almost same, the testing of basic functionalities and checking for Bugs initially helps lot for stable application. In case of bugs found at the initial stage it would Save lot of Time and Money so that the application cannot be forwarded at the future level for coding.
    Some companies say Smoke is depth wise testing and Sanity is Breath wise Testing but the main core is to Test for Basic functionalities. 

    3Regression Testing and Retesting : 
    Regression Testing: This is type of testing where If any modification has been done in the application
    which has already been developed before has instantaneously effected the current application is known as Regression effect.
    Like an simple example:
    If A and B has been developed as two different modules but in later part some other developer comes and
    modifies that requirement which was been already developed so it might direct cause an effect to A module. This is known as Regression effect. So testing has to be done as Regression Testing where to detect bugs where the exact modification has been done and try to fix the issue

    Retesting: This type of testing is different from Regression testing wherein this type of testing is just
    and Retesting of same test case which was prepared by Tester before and after the issue as fixed by the developer the bug or test case has to be tested once again. So this is known as Retesting

    Like an simple example:
    If A test case is been prepared and an issue or bug is posted by Tester, it goes to developer where he has to fix it immediately as per priority and then further after fixing the issue.
    Tester tests or Retests it again known an Retesting

    4. Acceptance Testing:
    Final level of testing is done where all the levels are done and gone for client for approval. In this type of testing there are Alpha and Beta form of Testing done. At one end the application is given to client for checking the application and other for End User for any issues.

    5. Installation Testing:
    This is just the Testing where in the form of End User it has to be tested and checked for whether the application is good enough for Installing in different types of browsers and its security are not compromised.

    6. Browser Compability Testing:
    This is the Testing where we test for different browsers and check their compatibility and Design issues in Each of the browser like, Mozilla, chrome, IE, Safari etc.

    7. Non Functional Testing:
    After entire Functional Testing then atlast the main focus shifts to Non Functional Testing . Here there are few testing like Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Volume Testing, Scalability Testing, Security Testing. Like for example in Performance Testing we get to know the how the application is responding if their are many Users using simultaneously at one Time. Similarly for other testing also used for checking throughput, response time etc.
    Another for of Testing is Security Testing which is very important where the Cookies, Cache issues are found out and maximum efforts are been taken to avoid any hacking of data from other users.   

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