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  • Sunday, 15 September 2013

    Facts of Test Cases

    Test specifications:

    Test Plan: A brief specification on the entire process of Testing is Test Plan. For every Testing Level there is Test Plan prepared. Test Plan contains detail explanation of each step by step process of what Tester and Developer has to do and their work criteria.

    Test Cases: A step by step procedure for checking the functionality is known as Test Cases. For every step functionality has to be checked with both Positive and Negative scenarios. The Defects are found from the Test cases and reported in Bug Tracking tool. For every Description of Test Cases there is actual and Expected result produced with Status of Pass/Fail for Test Cases.

    Test Cases & Test scenarios:
    Test Cases:   A step by step procedure for checking the functionality.
    Test Scenarios: An overview for checking basic  functionality and reporting bugs. Its not in detail process but just to check no further bugs are found in basic functionality itself.

    Test Data: For every Test Cases, Test Data or Input is provided into multiple data and executed with the given Input conditions with both positive and negative data and with no data also.

    Test Suite: A Collection/Group  of Test Cases is known as Test Suite .

    Traceability Matrix: This is mainly done to get to know how many number of Test cases are written, number of Bugs found in an application, execution of Test cases etc. In general the Reports are generated from the Traceability Matrix.

    Test Script: This is used mainly for writing code/script or also known as White Box Testing concept. Mainly used for generating Automation Test Scripts/Automation Testing.

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