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  • Sunday, 22 September 2013

    Test Plan

    Features of Test Plan

    1. Project Overview: 
        The Requirements are gathered and prepared a overview of Test Plan
    2. Scope:
       a. InScope:
          What is inside the Testing what can be tested
       b. Out of Scope:
           What is not inside the Testing and what is unused for Testing
    3. Assumptions and Dependencies:
        Any Tool or requirement depending on one another module for Testing
    4. Risks and Mitigations:
        Any risks involved while Testing like urgent requirement of tasks etc
    5. Entry and Exit Criteria
        What is to be Tested
         What is already Tested
    6.  Hardware and Software Requirements  
         O.S. or hardware requirements
    7. QA Deliverables
        a. Preparation of Test Plan      
        b. Test Cases and execution
        c. Reporting Bugs
    8. Communication Plan 
         Interaction with Development and other team members.
    9. Automation Plan.
         Interaction with Automation team and prepare test scripts.
    10. Schedule
          Time and Date for Testing.
    11. Roles and Responsibilities 
          Team involving in Manual and Automation Testing.
    12. Performance Testing
          Check the performance of the application through different tools Loadrunner, Jmeter etc.
    13. End of Test Plan 
    14. Referrals  

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