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  • Sunday, 25 August 2013

    Regression Testing and Retesting

    Regression Testing and Retesting:

    Regression Testing: This is type of testing where If any modification has been done in the application
    which has already been developed before has instantaneously effected the current application is known as Regression effect.
    Like an simple example:
    If A and B has been developed as two different modules but in later part some other developer comes and
    modifies that requirement which was been already developed so it might direct cause an effect to A module. This is known as Regression effect. So testing has to be done as Regression Testing where to detect bugs where the exact modification has been done and try to fix the issue

    Retesting: This type of testing is different from Regression testing wherein this type of testing is just
    and Retesting of same test case which was prepared by Tester before and after the issue as fixed by the developer the bug or test case has to be tested once again. So this is known as Retesting

    Like an simple example:
    If A test case is been prepared and an issue or bug is posted by Tester, it goes to developer where he has to fix it immediately as per priority and then further after fixing the issue.
    Tester tests or Retests it again known an Retesting

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