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  • Sunday, 29 September 2013

    Test Cases for PEN

    Few Test Cases for PEN.

    1. Test what is the colour of PEN.

    2. Test the Black/Blue colour of PEN.

    3. Test whether smooth writing of both the colours of  PEN.

    4. Test whether it is DOT/GEL/INK etc of PEN.

    5. Test in different positions of way of writing like tilted, bent etc. 

    6. Test in both left/right hand holding of PEN.

    7. Test in the wall whether it is writing or not.

    8. Test in different speed of way of writing like fast, medium, slow.

    9. Test the total amount of  pages/length written upto what extent it can be written.

    10. Test in place where water/liquid is put in paper and its efficiency of PEN.

    11. Test its quality of writing to its cost matching or not.

    12.  Test it in hard cardboards whether it is writing properly or not.

    13. Test in the hand whether it is writing or not.

    14. Test in benches whether it is writing or not.

    15. Test in different directions and its weight is not so heavy while writing or not.

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