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  • Monday, 9 September 2013

    White Paper on Databse Testing

                                                         DATABASE TESTING:

    DB Testing: 

    Database testing (Backend Testing) involves the testing where we try to check the values which are present in the front end application and compare to the back end database which are present in the web based or desktop application. All values should match for proper storage and as per the records of database.  

    How Database testing is carried out:  

    Here we have to check each and every functionality in the given application and action performed in the application. This is done through insertion, deletion, update etc . By adding the records in front end has to be displayed in Database similarly if we delete any values from front end it has to be deleted in database.
    Tester has to have good amount of knowledge on Database queries like sql etc...
    Database testing is risky sometimes if Tester doesn't have knowledge on any of the queries 

    How Database testing is to be done:

    Database testing is one of the major part of testing where Tester has to good experience on executing the queries inserting the tables, deleting the tables, updating the tables and procedures also if required. There are many databases used like Oracle and MSSQL Server etc. Many projects like BFSI are mostly used and taken care of Database testing.    

    While starting Database testing Tester has to analyse the application and good view on the requirements of it. Check all the tables which is present in the application and try to write all the database queries for the tables to execute since there are many things which are really complex, so you can take the assistance of development team and get an idea of the queries. Test each and every table carefully for the data added. This is the best process for the testers to perform the DB testing, it can be done for any application and it does not matter application is small or big. 
    Database is the Backbone and vital for the application and tester should make sure to test very carefully. It requires skill, proficiency and sound knowledge.

    What we exactly do in Database Testing:

    Database testing involves good  knowledge on the given application and its requirements and requires a proper plan to execute it
    Key issues include :
    1) data Integrity
    2) data validity
    3) data manipulation and updates.

    Data Integrity: the completeness or wholeness or inserting of the data. eg: When you enter a record in your application, you check that the data is entered correctly in the database i.e Insert query

    Data validity: rules like check the constraints (null value, primary key, referential key, unique key etc)

    Data manipulations: update the data, delete the data etc.

    Front End Testing and Back End Testing:

    Mainly in Front End we check each and every functionality and test depending the requirements. Testing Like System Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing is done.

    Back End Testing includes Inserting, Updating, Deletion of the database and modifying the values and check whether the values added are properly added in Database. Like. MSSQL Server, Oracle 10g etc

    Few useful commands for queries here.      

    Select query:  select * from table name where condition

    Insert query: Insert into table values (coloumn1, coloumn2,...)

    Update query: Update table set coloumn1=value where coloumn2=value; 

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