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  • Thursday, 1 August 2013

    Testing Document preparation

    Test Doc should be prepared as per the requirements of SRS before starting the Testing to understand the flow of application

    Testing documentation mainly helps in preparing all types of how much of testing has to be done, the effort required, how much test coverage has to be covered, whether all the requirements are been covered. here it includes few concepts :

    Mainly Test Plan is prepared from the scratch by given Requirements document which is prepared by some of the senior team members.
    Secondly the Test Scenario is prepared from the given test plan where we can understand the flow of the test plan and cover all the scenarios.
    After preparing some test scenarios or test conditions detail Test Case are prepared and divided into number of test steps.
    Final part of Testing requires to know whether all test cases are been covered and it will be known from the result of Traceability Matrix....

    Detail explanation of Test Plan:
    A Test plan mainly consists of different strategies prepared from the given SRS and will get to know the flow of the application and what and all needs to be covered and resources what needs to be used and how much time is required to complete the schedule activities.

    Here a Test plan mainly will consist of.

    Test Plan document Introduction

    Divide the application into number of test cases

    Features to be tested and not exceptions which are not be tested

    The deliverables required for testing

    Hardware/Software requirements

    Any risks involved while testing on the given schedule

    Test Scenario

    A Statement which is prepared from the given test plan or known as test condition
    deriving into different  scenarios and further making it to test cases.
    Test cases are in detail functionality but test scenarios are just the overview
    which satisfies the functionality.

    Test Case doc

    Test cases involves in the detail step by step procedure of testing each test condition or scenarios where different types of testing is done like functionality testing, smoke testing, system testing etc. To prevent from bugs test cases are prepared and execution. Mainly test cases comprises more of negative test cases than positive test cases which is known as destructive methodology.

    Test case ID. Pre-Conditions. Description . Expected Condition. Actual Condition . Result

    Traceability Matrix is a table which is used mainly to know whether all requirements have been covered and executed in the given application it is either prepared from the excel sheet or tool.

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