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  • Friday, 16 August 2013

    V-Model and Agile Model

    Difference between V-Model and Agile Model

    V-Model is the approach of SDLC where both Verification and Validation goes on parallel

    After every development phase it is been passed and sent it on for Testing

    Verification phase are:
    1. Requirement analysis :  All documents are prepared and gathered.
    2. High level design:     Modules are been broken into sub modules
    3. Low Level design:   Further sub modules are broken to minor modules for coding
    4. Coding:                  Here Coding and scripting is done

    Validation phase are:
    1. Acceptance testing: Prepared Acceptance test plan and done both Alpha and Beta testing
    2. System Testing:  Test Plan and Test cases are written into system
    3. Integration Testing: Both modules are integrated and tested
    4. Unit testing:   Code review or White Box testing

    Agile Model:

    Agile Model includes Scrum methodology 
    Scrum includes team members including moderator, team members, reviewer
    Every week Scrum meeting goes on and prepares a full week Scrum cycle 
    Agile model in more advantageous because of the flow of SDLC as even a small module is prepared and sent for testing so lesser amount of bugs will be reported. It is common now in the companies where they follow Agile process of development 

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