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  • Sunday, 5 January 2014

    Risk Based Testing

    Risk Based Testing in Software testing.....

    A Risk in general terms is normally meant for Problems or some situation which may occur in future for any task assigned. So In Software Testing also there is category called Risk factor in Software for any given application and for even the company also.

    Risk based testing in Software Testing is where we categorize while performing or test a given application where its Cost factor, Team size, Priority of Task assigned, ability of person to handle application for different scenarios or any urgent tasks assigned.

    Like for example in real time scenario will be like in a given project if a team develops application having Developers and Testers. A tester writes Test Cases in his own manner but what if he leaves organization, this is called Risk Factor. Because the new Joinee will have to clearly understand from basic in how the previous tester has written the test cases and he has to continue his left over task.

    Another example is the cost factor which is major issue where in case if Business Analyst doesnot analyze how much time or how much team is needed for application to develop, in future the same time and cost might be a factor for creating Quality application. This is Risk factor for whole company.

    Another example is if the project is assigned for a team and what if the person doesnot have that depth knowledge on the particular technology, this is risk factor where again time and cost will be factor.  

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