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  • Sunday, 15 December 2013

    Test Harness

    What is Test Harness?

    Anybody have come across Test Harness. Well It is kind of code written in the form of WhiteBox Testing. In SDLC Model i.e V Model there is one Level for Testing called as Integration Testing where each modules are been broken into sub modules for testing and integrating components.
    One Level in Integration Testing is System Integration Testing. Further in it there are different Strategies in it i.e Top Down approach and Bottom Up analysis.
    Here in Top Down approach, Stubs are used and in Bottom Up analysis Drivers are used.
    Stubs and Drivers are nothing but set of codes written unless the entire Code is not yet developed.
    So if Developer has not yet completed his part of work these Stubs and Drivers are written in functions and procedures.
    Hence this set of codes are called as Test Harness.

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