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  • Monday, 18 November 2013

    Test Management Tool Quality Center

    Quality Center is basically Test Management tool where you can manage your entire Test Data, Test Requirements, Test Cases in short all known as Test Deliverables.

    Quality Center contains basically 4 Important Modules in it.

    1. Requirements: Here all the Parent and Child requirements are written in Sequential order where every Parent and Child will be having their Unique Id no, which easily in future can be recognized if any changes of requirements will be done.

    2. Test Plan: Here is the Module where entire Test Cases are managed in this Module along with Test Data also, apart from this these Test Cases are written in standard Template form. And entire Test Set are managed in this Module where even Export and Import of Excel or other files can be done in this Module. The Test Cases are linked to the Requirements module with their respective Ids.
    The Template is i.e
    Sl.No  Description   Expected Result  Actual Result  Status

    3. Test Lab: Here is the Module where entire Test cases are executed after writing Test Cases it has to be executed so in this module we execute along with Test Data given in excel form. And further for executing the Test Cases it has to be linked to the Test Plan Module with their respective Ids.
    Test suite is nothing but collection of Test Cases which can be executed.

    4. Defects: Here is the module where entire Defects/Bugs are raised where each and every Bugs has Unique Id assigned to it. Defects can also be raised from test Lab if any execution fails at that time. 

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