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  • Monday, 4 November 2013

    Test Cases for Lift

    Few Test Cases for Electronic Lift operation:

    1. Test from Outside after pressing the button whether Lift Opens if it is in same floor.

    2. Test from Outside whether Light is glowing or not, to know Lift is going up or down.

    3. Test from Inside by pressing buttons at each floor.

    4. Test all the buttons whether it is going to proper floor or not.

    5. Test with Maximum Number of people inside the Lift i.e overloading of Lift.

    6. Test the Lift when the Power suddenly goes Off and people are inside the Lift, an emergency button should be there for alarm.

    7. Test for any wobbling inside the Lift.

    8. Test for Lift within time limit it goes to each floor and does not cause delay.

    9. Test for speed of Lift from Top floor to Bottom floor.

    10. Test for Lift if suddenly in the Top something falls drastically and alarm should be ringed immediately.

    11. Test for Lift properly whether it closes the door properly when button is pressed.

    12. Test for Lift if number of people exceeds with Maximum weight in lift, Message or alarm should ring that Lift is overloaded.

    13. Test for Lift from each floor the Lift opens at that floor and does not go to some other floor.

    14. Test for Lift all the electronic buttons are working or not.

    15. Test for Lift if suddenly some wire gets cut from Top some safety measures has to be initiated immediately.

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