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  • Monday, 22 July 2013

    Reasons for Test Cases

    Test Cases are mainly step by step procedure for checking the functionality of the application.
    If a each module functionality has to be checked Test cases has to be written from looking into requirements
    From this at the initial stage itself the issues or specially known as Bugs can be found out and it would be easier for the developer to fix the issues rather than at the end point where everything has to meet the deadline of the Project.
    And the Tester also gets to know the Flow of the application where all possible inputs can be tested using Functionality testing
    Test Case structure:
    Test CaseId:
    Expected Result:
    Actual Result:
    Difference between Positive Test case and Negative Test Case
    Many of them get confused on what are Positive Test case and Negative Test case

    Well to make it simpler the,
    Positive Test case are Valid Test Cases u enter
    Negative Test case are In Valid Test Cases u enter.
    Most of the Testing has to be done using Negative Test case as the main objective of Testing
    is to Find Bugs and that is by entering Negative scenarios that will try to break the application
    and make it stable.
    Testing is mainly concept of Destructive approach than Constructive approach

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