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  • Friday, 19 July 2013

    Developers swap their position to Testers

    1. Its always a point to discuss who is going to become a good tester
    2. A tester which is testing knowledge or an Developer who has Developing code knowledge.
    3. Today what if Developer swaps his designation to Tester what would happen anybody thought?
    4. The application might not be as stable as the Tester does his own way of testing.
    5. Reasons are many but few of it is like
        a. Developers always focus on their coding knowledge and test based on that
        b. Going by Developers knowledge he might become good tester by ways of Constructor only not
            as  Destructor whereas Tester are known for Destructing than Constructing
        c. Developers are might be good in testing others work but not on their work :)
    6. Hence Few scenarios  of Developer

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