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  • Sunday, 20 October 2013

    Test Cases for ATM Debit Card

    Here are few scenarios for ATM Debit Card

    1. Test the card with Valid ATM Card

    2. Test the card with Invalid ATM Card

    3. Test the card with proper Insertion of Card

    4. Test the card with Direction facing the ATM Machine

    5. Test the card  with insert and remove for certain Debit Card

    6. Test the card which reads the Card from ATM Machine

    7. Test the card when suddenly power is Off no information should be displayed and Card should be removed.

    8. Test the card With No scratches on the Card.

    9.  Test the card with proper valid PIN 

    10. Test the card with Invalid PIN and deny operation if continuously Invalid PIN entered 

    11. Test the card when entered  continuously Invalid PIN entered immediately message should be sent to Mobile. 

    12. Test the Card with sensitivity of PIN entered in machine.

    13. Test the Card with different Transactions displayed in Machine.

    14. Test the Card with few transactions like Fast Cash, withdrawal, Current, Savings, Balance Inquiry etc.

    15. Test the Card for entering Money with limited numbers not exceeding the limit.

    16. Test the Card for entering Invalid numbers.

    17. Test the Card when entered Valid PIN different transactions displayed.

    18. Test the Card again if the middle of the transaction Card is inserted which it should stop transaction.

    19. Test the Card with Valid account and Valid transaction of money and request for receipt.

    20. Test the Card with in middle of transaction Power goes off and transaction should not deduct in account as money not yet received.

    21. Test the Card with Mobile information with debit of money in the account.

    22. Test the Card with Valid Savings or Current account type and request for receipt.

    23. Test the Card with Invalid account type selected and deny the request for debit of money.

    24. Test the Card with some untoward type of hacking/manipulation goes on from Account and immediately message should be sent to Owner and also for that particular machine owner.

    25. Test for other types of devices used in ATM Machine.

    26. Test the Card with No Money in the Account and request for receipt.

    27. Test the Card when one transaction is over immediately it should be logged out of account.

    28. Test the Card with minimum balance in account and entering More the balance so report an error.

    29. Test the Card with an error should be displayed in Machine if No balance in Machine.

    30. Test the Card with one transaction at a time.

    31. Test the Card in Machine with Maximum withdrawal at a limit.

    32. Test the Card with an Expiry Card

    33. Test the Card with an machine where it swallows the Card.

    34. Test the Card after Valid transaction Card should be reverted back to the owner if it is swollen machine.

    35.Test the Card with Invalid transaction card with minimum number of times should be not reverted back and message sent to mobile.

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